Travel in Peru with NanuPerú

First things first: if you want to visit the Naturism/Nudism side of Peru, prepare to travel between the end of December and April 15th. The only naturists beach we have here is not accessible outside of this period due to a rough sea, cold water temperatures, and irregular inundations of the beach itself.

For those who also visit the “textile” side of a country, NanuPeru can help you improve your stay here. Some of our members are specialists in tourism in Peru and in a big part of South America.

Bear in mind that we are not a travel agency and thus do not operate as such; still, we have the knowledge and know-how to operate as such, if one or some of our naturist/nudist friends should desire that we do so. We consider it a service to help likeminded people visit this beautiful country.

We do not offer pre-defined packages; we only handle requests for whatever you are looking for. This can be as simple as providing a safe airport pick-up, such a pick-up combined with a first night reservation for a hotel, other hotel reservations, half-day or full-day visits, or multiple-day trips.

You choose your travel style: luxuriously, basic, adventure, discovering. Just tell us!

All of this in case you wanted to travel leisurely and easily without any organising hassles. We can provide local guides if you prefer or buy you bus tickets from one city to the next.

If you already have a definite travel plan, we can help you organise it; if you don't, we can help you plan your trip. NanuPeru is a non-profit. Although this tourism part of our organisation is not meant to make a real profit, we still charge a small margin with which we can maintain our endeavour: promote and advance naturism/nudism in Perú.

Mail us with a description of what you need, and we'll go to work right away.

We'll be happy to be of service.